There Are Many Reasons That Make Cleveland, Ohio, a Good Place to Live

November 23rd, 2022 by admin Leave a reply »

Cleveland, Ohio. The very name used to bring sneers to the face of non-Clevelanders. But I’ve found that what people used to call “The Mistake on the Lake” is a very desirable place to live. Cleveland homes come in all sizes and shapes and in every price range. In Cleveland homes for sale are found in all parts of town.

My favorite thing about the city is that it actually has neighborhoods. If you drive along many of the city streets, you see that they are lined with old buildings containing little shops. These little shops consist of restaurants that aren’t a part of any national chain and little shops that sell things you just don’t find in the mall. There are bicycle shops and karate schools and small groceries.

Another attraction is its diversity. It is a city of great ethnic diversity. The faces on the street cover the full range of human colors, and have roots in countries in all parts of the world. And these neighborhoods reflect this diversity. The same little neighborhood may have a Lebanese restaurant, a Russian grocery store, and Joe’s, a good-old American burger joint. The Russian grocery store is particularly interesting. There’s no pretense involved. It’s truly Russian. Oriented toward the local Russian population, every label, whether on a canned good or a piece of fresh pork, is in Russian. It’s also full-service, with a complete meat counter and frozen food section. In a nearby neighborhood there is a small, old-fashioned neighborhood theater. This neighborhood also has a fun little shop that sells novelty and retro items such as old lunch boxes, bald wigs, and scary bugs.


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